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About Us

About Us

Nickels Boat Works, Inc. was started in 1983. Today, Nickels Boat Works is a world-renowned builder of one-design sailboats. When Nickels first opened their doors, the only boat they built was the Lightning. As the business expanded, additional boats were added to the line-up, beginning with the Rebel, and then the Snipe. The year 2004 brought more growth with the addition of the Buccaneer 18. The expansion continued in January 2008 when the Mutineer 15, originally introduced in the early 80’s, was reintroduced.

Today, Nickels builds several classes of one-design boats. These include the 19' Lightning, 18' Buccaneer, 16' Rebel, 15' Mutineer and the 15' JY15. A layout duck hunting boat is also available.

Innovations at Nickels Boat Works have included refinements in hull shape and refined deck layouts (within class specifications). These changes have resulted in World, Pan American, and North American victories. In addition to improvements in design, Nickels has continued to make improvements in rigging, mast construction, floatation, rudder design, and construction methods.

Nickels Boat Works also designs and builds custom trailers for each of their boats. These trailers are fully galvanized and have the unique ability of being stacked. This allows you to transport two or even three boats at the same time.

Nickels has developed the reputation of building high quality, race-winning boats. Sailors all over the world know that Nickels built boats can be sailed "Right Out of the Box". Nickels Boat Works prides itself on having eliminated the frequent returns to the shop for rigging adjustments or repairs. The quality of boats from Nickels insures that they maintain the highest value possible. The dedication to detail that the employees of Nickels show has become the hallmark of Nickels, thus making Nickels one of the premier boat builders in existence today.